Sunday, August 1, 2010

Missing My Little Man!!


It's crazy how attached someone you love so dearly is to you. Levi is my little man who I love very much. Well my mom flew out yesterday evening and I let Levi go with her so that he could go to his other grandparents since he doesn't get to see them nearly enough. He's going to be attending his cousin's first birthday party and playing with him which I'm sure he will love! I cried dropping him off at the airport. I'm going to miss him, but know in only a few weeks I'll have him back again. :)

Thankfully my husband is home at this time to keep me company or I'm not sure what I would do. Probably go crazy! I'm looking forward to spending some time with just him. We don't get much of that anymore, but I know it comes with having children. This coming weekend were looking forward to going on a date night to the  movies and seeing "Killers" it looks like a good movie let's hope it's still playing by then. In the mean time though while Patrick is working I'm going to catch up on one of my favorite shows Army Wives. I've missed all of Season 3 and their currently in Season 4 on television right now. Hopefully it doesn't take me to long. I will also enjoy doing some scrap booking and working on pages for Levi. I miss doing that.

We also got a new place and signed some papers yesterday for it! I'm so excited about it. It's a two bedroom townhouse, 1137 square feet, two bathrooms, a nice size kitchen with plenty of cabinets! In all the places we've been we never had enough cabinet space so this is something I'm looking forward too! I will share more on it later as well as pictures once we get all moved in! You will love it just as much as I do lol.


  1. Aww I'm sure that you're missing him tons! I didn't realize that you had a blog! I'll have to be sure to check it out more often now :)

  2. Yup missing him tons and hasn't even been a week yet lol.