Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Long Time

So it seems as if I've abandoned my blog for about 6 months. I promise I will try and stay on top of this now. :) A lot has happened in the last 6 months.

The first is we celebrated our son Levi's 1st birthday on January 9th, 2010. It was a wonderful day full with friends and family. Levi had a blast playing and then digging into his cake. His theme was Baby Sesame Street. I made him a homemade cake which was pretty good. I will post pictures in a bit. Then he dug into his presents.

Then end of January early Feb was a rocky time for us. I found out I was pregnant again. Yes we were very excited and happy. My husband Patrick and I both really wanted this. Well things didn't turn out so good. I lost the baby at about 8 weeks after a few trips to the emergency room for bleeding. We were trying everything to not lose this baby. I went through my second d & c not to long after that. The baby would of been born in Oct 2010. It was a very hard time for me for when I woke up from my d & c I was crying, because I couldn't do anything to save the baby. This was my second miscarriage and both of them were about a year apart. After that we had some testing done and the baby was fine, but I suppose the problem was me. My thyroid. Now in the past my regular doctor said we'd be fine having a baby or that everything would be okay. Well my levels(hormone) were extremely low which isn't good for carrying. So my doctor refers me to a specialist. A endocrinologist. So I see him he does testing and then says he wants to have a biopsy done on my thyroid. I'm having that done later this month. Its to see if I have cancer in my thyroid. I'm very scared, because the procedure requires a needle in my throat. I really don't like needles, but I am strong so I can get through this. That is the update on all of that. Hopefully in the near future my husband and I will be able to have a wonderful and healthy second child. A little brother or sister for Levi. Until then well just go along with God's plan for us.

Other than all of that. We have been doing good. My husband has been gone a lot lately being in and out. No deployment just yet, but of course it's never to far away. It's hard for Levi to see his daddy go so much and hurts me too. We sure do love and miss him. I'm hoping to do some things to make things easier for Levi. I want to record Patrick reading a book to the camera and have it for Levi. Then we have plans to have a build a bear built with Patrick saying "I love you." In a way I want a bear too to hear his voice everyday.

Well that's all for now. I'm going to enjoy my day off. Yesterday we enjoyed a family day at Water Country USA.