Saturday, July 10, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...What to do?

What to do? What to do? So the thing is, is that our lease is up soon on the house we are currently renting here in Virginia. We have debated over and over whether to move into military housing or not. In a way I would like to. We have two more years left here from October. We have moved each year we have been in Virginia. First from South Carolina, our last duty section to the townhouse in Newport News we rented then to the house we rent now in Hampton. If we moved into housing I'd make sure it's our last move until we move home or to our designated place we would want to live when Patrick gets out of the service. Moving is not fun by any means, but it does pose it's advantages and disadvantages.

Some advantages I have considered are:

1.) The utilities and rent would be taken care of, because of our bah. 
2.) More cabinets/counter space in the kitchen for things! (This would be important.)
3.) Live by other military families and make friends/playmates for Levi and I. 
4.) Depending on where we would live, Patrick would be closer to work. 
5.) Not have problems like we do in the house we are now.
6.) Being closer and having access to the pool, clubhouse, exercise center for housing.

Some disadvantages I have considered are:

1.)Packing up and moving everything.(Though I have gotten rid of some things so hopefully this will be fairly easy.)
2.)Depending on which housing having to quit or transfer locations on where I work. I would think it'd be best to quit and just focus on Levi. Then take internet college courses. 
3.)We don't want a apartment or anything so hopefully we won't have that.
4.)May go down to a 2 bedroom. Hoping we stay at a 3 bedroom.(Or have that be the only thing available!)
5.)The WAITING list.

So considering these things we have to decide if it's worth it for us or not. Again I think it would be so I'm hoping for the best and hopefully something will be available for us. Also hopefully moving won't be so bad for us. I will be glad when it's over if we go that route.

The two locations I've been looking at and are nice in the pictures I've seen are:
One is my friend lives in Langley Landings(Air Force), but all branches can live there. I think her house is really nice and seen some other ones I like on their website that may be available. It would be farther from Patrick's work then we are now. The other housing I am looking at is Lincoln Housing in Norfolk. It's Norwich Manor. Both of them seem nice and would be more room than what we have now which is a huge plus. Well that's all I have to share right now. I'll update once we figure out what we will be doing and what our options are. Hopefully housing it is!


  1. Well let me know what you decide, and if you need help moving, I have a truck. I would be happy to come and help you! Good luck with your decision!

  2. Thanks Tara! I'm hoping to stay on this side.