Monday, July 19, 2010

My Two Boys


So I've been thinking about something to write about and figured why not write about my two favorite boys? I love God, but my two favorite boys are my husband Patrick and my son Levi. They are my world and more. Let's start with my amazing husband! 

My hubby Patrick


My husband Patrick is amazing. We met in September 2006 a month before he left for boot camp in the Navy. We met at McDonald's in Missouri and I will never forget what I thought when you first meet someone. You don't judge a book by it's cover. Well when I first met him and my aunt Heather was asking what I thought. I told her she was crazy lol, because of his fro. Needless to say I fell in love with him. I look forward to his letters from boot camp, text messages and calls when he was in school and more. I got all giddy and happy whenever I would get something or hear from him. I knew I was had. After a year or so I moved to SC to be with him. We were having a long distance relationship up until then. We got engaged at about Christmas time and became husband and wife April 18th, 2008. I wouldn't change any of it. It's what made me who I am today. The great things about my husband is that he makes me smile when nobody else can, he is always there for me, he's fun to be around, supportive, we enjoy ourselves together playing games or cooking a meal, he's my best friend and more. I could go on and on. All in all he's a wonderful man and I'm a very lucky girl to have him as my husband and best friend!

Now about my ambitious, rambunctious, adorable son!

Patrick and I got pregnant not to long after our wedding date. My grandma calls our son Levi our honeymoon baby. lol. Levi was born January 9th, 2009 at 1:20pm. Today he is 18 months old. He' walking, and jabbering along. He says "ma ma" , "da da", "bye bye" and more. He doesn't talk as much as a normal 18 month old does that you can understand , but in time I'm sure he will get there. Levi loves dancing to music, banging on something making it a drum(His daddy plays the drums.) He enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny. We are working on the abc's with him. I'm using the repetition teaching method. I'll sing it normally and then go really fast which makes him grin and laugh. He loves it when I sing fast or silly lol. Levi is a joy to be around, he is a very happy baby and always has been. He loves cuddling with mommy and/or daddy when he's home. Daddy enjoys it too. Whenever they are on the couch cuddled up together it's a special moment and one to always remember. They sure do love each other. Levi also loves going outside. If he could live outside I'm sure he would. Lately it has been very humid so our outside days are limited. I can't wait to see the man Levi grows into. I'm sure he will be a great one just like his daddy.

These are my two boys and I will always love them.

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