Sunday, December 27, 2009

About us TTC

A baby is momentous, a blessing, a piece of you...

So we have a wonderful baby boy named Levi, but we would love to have another little one. Some may think were crazy, we may think were crazy ourselves. Though I have always wanted our children close in age, so they may grow up together. We have been TTC lately for our second bundle of joy. I haven't been charting or temping like a true TTCer, but we haven't been preventing anything at all. So what happens just happens. I can't wait to be pregnant again.

When your pregnant you feel so many different things and have many emotions. I miss the feeling of a baby inside my womb kicking and moving around. Even sticking things out when there not suppose to. I remember my son Levi when he was in my belly he would have his butt sticking out all the time. Typical of him to do that, because when he sleeps now and you walk into his room you will find his butt up in the air. I love him though, even when he's all clingy and only wants his mommy.

Thats our story on us TTC and I will keep you updated along the way. All in all I think Levi would make a great big brother! I also can't wait to have another blessing from the Lord.

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